The Hot Sisters Next Door

Sex story with two sexy sisters


Two extremely hot sisters are trying hard to seduce their hirer. Will they manage to succeed with their sex games, or is he going to show them the cold shoulder?

For a few weeks the ground floor apartment of the two-family house was finally taken again. Ronny D. was very glad. He was the owner of the house. It was hard to find interested parties in the collapsed housing market. An additional incentive for the new tenants probably was the suburban house in a green state. The new tenants were two very good looking sisters. One thirty and the other thirty-two years old. Who could tell if they would find some men soon and take off again, but Ronny took the risk.

The young woman noticed that Ronny had a quirk. Once he was at home then he would go every full hour to the balcony and smoke a cigaret. This way he wanted to limit his nicotine addiction to some point. From his balcony he could see directly the terrace of the ground floor flat. That was the only glimpse the sisters had to fear. Ronny was kind of embarrassed when he was standing on the balcony while something was happening below him. They either did hang out their lingerie, or were simply having some meal.

One day while Ronny again was smoking his cigaret below him the younger sister flitted in a tight black lingerie teddy to get one piece of her laundry from the tether. She was looking charming in that tight black cover. He could clearly see her beautiful ass cheeks, because between them there was only a narrower piece of cloth. She did also bent down very deep and that way the younger sister was giving a tantalizing glimpse into her lovely cleavage. Ronny was getting very aroused within this whole new situation for him and lets be honest he was interested in those two sisters from the very beginning. At some point Ronny thought that she presented herself totally calculated, because usually they always looked upwards before going outside. Also they knew that he was standing up there at the top of the hour.

The incident with the black teddy was on Saturday. On Sunday, short after nine, one of the Solvence sisters was running topless outside to put her washcloth on the tether. Ronny was heavily excited and he immediately had an erection. He was so agitated that he swallowed up some smoke and had to cough. Pretending to be ashamed the Solvence sister covered her breasts with her hands was greeting nicely.

Sonja (younger sister):” I’m sure that you have seen a naked female breast before. “

Because she was standing now Ronny saw even more. The younger Solvence sister even had the nerve to talk about the nice weather. Once she wanted to leave she started waving upwards and while doing that she uncovered again her beautiful tits. Her juicy boobs were bouncing like crazy!

Yet on the same day the sisters were sitting on the terrace wearing bikinis. They seemed absorbed in their reading matter. Ronny noticed that they were always ogle upwards at the top of the hour. This time he didn’t step to the parapet, but instead he was sitting in his deckchair and watching those two hot ladies through a crack. The two sisters were looking above, whispering and then again looking upwards. They seem confident that they couldn’t be observed. That was the moment they removed their tops. Oh man, what a great view for the peeper. One of them had her boobs framed by the long blonde hair. The other had beautiful stiff nipples tending upwards.

Ronny tried hard to keep quiet so he wouldn’t been noticed. He could clearly see through the slot that those two were reading erotic magazines. The peeper could easily recognize all the man, woman and couples having sex in the weirdest sexual positions. Now they started touching themselves. One of the sisters started to stroke her breasts softly, while the other stroked sensually between her thighs. Ronny couldn’t stand it any more. He felt the urgent need to touch his by now full erected penis as well, so he took him out and started immediately jerking-off. The only concern Ronny had was that the two sister could her his heavy breath. Sonja brought the game to the boil. She skimmed through the magazine with one hand and went with the other under her panties. Sonja’s sister whispered to her;

Bonnie:” Wild babe, what if he sees that from above “

Sonja:” Let him! “

Ronny saw how they grin at each other after that conversation.

If he still wasn’t aware that they knowingly present themselves, then by now there is no question of that. Once Ronny ejaculated hard he repacked his dick, went noiseless to the parapet and lighted a cigarette. The two sexy sisters did act all surprised. Swiftly they covered their boobs with the erotic magazines and that way Ronny had an even better view of all those dirty pictures.

Sonja:” Nice, and we thought you wasn’t at home. Would it be okay for you if we sunbathe here from time to time, or is this overstraining you too much? “

At first Ronny had no idea what to answer and somehow he managed to babble

Ronny:” Thaa…at’s no problem. I have more than enough work to do on my computer. “

He totally was aware that the Solvence sisters didn’t believe him one word. The peeper pretended to be going inside his house closing the balcony door very boisterous, but instead he sat back into his deck chair and went on with his *observations*. Now the two hot sisters are going at it even more fiercer. They went as far as touching themselves outdoors! While they kept stroking each other voluptuous, they very moaning contentedly.

Three days later the young woman were sitting again fully clothed on their terrace. As soon as she was aware of his presence Sonja addressed him.

Sonja:” We are playing rummy (card game) for over 2 hours now. It’s damn boring two by two. Do you know how to play skat? We need a third player. “

Spontaneously Ronny accepted the invitation and went straightway downstairs. However they couldn’t play too long outside, because it was nearly night and if they would put on the illumination then whole swarms of gnats would appear. So those three decided to go inside and by now all of them had their fourth glass of sparkling wine.

From nowhere Sonja throw her cards on the table and said

Sonja:” I don’t feel like playing this game anymore, Ronny is winning anyway. Let us play something different. How about strip poker! “

Ronny had seen it coming. The whole atmosphere leaded to the conclusion that it had to end this way. So they started playing the new game. Very soon poor Ronny was sitting there covered only by his underwear. Pants, shirt and socks were long-since gone. He felt how the females glances were focusing towards his lap. His cock was already half hardened, because Bonnie was sitting there only with her bra and panties. Sonja was by now fully naked! Ronny had a hard time controlling his male cravings.

Actually for Sonja the game was over, since she didn’t had stakes anymore, but Sonja had a splendid idea. Again she was manipulating the rules and now they are playing a whole new game! Here are the rules. Bonnie is taking all undressed clothes and hiding them behind herself. Whoever has his turn next has to guess which clothes she is hiding exactly. If you win you can decide what the loser has to do, but if you lose it’s the opposite.

Ronny agreed with the rules and they started playing at once. It was Sonja’s turn and she guessed the right answer. So what would she been plotting for poor Ronnie? She decided that he has to take off the last peace of underwear that’s covering his body. So he did and the girls had a nice view of his big dick who was already rock hard. Both sisters did bite their lips overrun by pure desire for this male sexual organ.

It now was his turn and he as well had the right answer. Now it was showtime! What would he tell them to do? There don’t seem to be any more taboos, so he doesn’t have to restrain himself.

Ronny:” I want you to give me a blowjob Sonja! “

Both sisters were astonished by his action.

Sonja:” Are you for real? “

He nodded, more confident than he ever was before.

Sonja:” I guess then I have no other choice than to suck your dick off. “

She did stand up and moved slowly towards naked Ronny. Her eyes didn’t let go of his big dick who was throbbing full of excitement. Once close enough Sonja went on her knees. Gently she started to stroke this huge metal hard cock and by know her pussy was also highly aroused. With one hand she kept stroking his dick, while with the other one she started to touch her greatly wet cunt.

This erotic action didn’t leave Bonnie cold at all. She also began to sunk her hand below her dark blue panties while watching her sister giving a blowjob. Sonja was fingering herself really hard by now and she had put Ronny’s dick fully inside her mouth enjoying every inch of it. Sonja seemed to have great experience with deepthroating a dick.

Ronny:” I think I’m going to come soon! “

Sonja:” Don’t hold back, just come whenever you like in my mouth. “

And so he did unload all his sperm into her warm and pleasing mouth pussy. Sonja didn’t spill not one bit of this man’s hot semen, but instead she was swallowing it all.

Right after that Sonja went back to her chair and called for continuing the game as if nothing has happened. So they did and it was Sonja’s turn again, but this time she didn’t gave the right answer and again Ronny could decide what she has to do.

Ronny:” Hmm, my turn again. Well if that is the case I think I… I want to fuck your pussy now. “

Sonja:” Can’t get enough, what? “

Ronny:” You have suggested this game, didn’t you?

Sonja:” That’s true and I’m gonna play along the rules! Where do you want to fuck me? “


To be continued…

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  1. I had no idea that you share sex stories as well and I also didn’t know that you can come this hard from that stuff. Just wow.

  2. Indeed this kind of porn can turn you on for sure, but I still go with pics and movies. Maybe I have a lack of imagination ROFL

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