Joshikousei no Koshitsuki [Otono Natsu]

Joshikousei no Koshitsuki primehenta


-by Otono Natsu

-40 pages, English translated

-23 MB






We had many stories about drama clubs and it is really fascinating how every time they come up with something new. This time it’s the so called “charm training”. That is a traditional training that has existed since the establishment of that specific drama club. The purpose of it is to learn expressions other than just ones representing human emotions (like seductiveness).

However, it’s possible that to an outsider it just looks like an orgy. Lets just face the truth. All these drama girls are sluts.

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Erogun Chapter 1-3 [Akiyama Kenta]

Erogun Chapter 1-3 primehentai


-by Akiyama Kenta

-76 pages, English translated

-51.36 MB






Sarashina Naoto is the commander in chief of the Roshuu Army from the Great Feline Deity Empire. His nickname is Demon King and everyone is scared of him, even though he himself can’t explain why. Here is the situation he is in right now. Naoto did just invaded the neighboring country Veldia. Not for resources or the likes you would guess, but rather to add a beautiful hentai princess to his already big harem.

I actually didn’t believe that this one would be translated, so I’m a little surprised as well. Thanks goes to “Kusanyagi’s Translation Corner”. I hope you will do the other chapters as well.

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Play&Trick [Otono Natsu]

Play&Trick [Otono Natsu] prime hentai


-by Otono Natsu

-20 pages, English translated

-14.92 MB






Wow this hentai girl uses one of the weirdest methods I have heard about to force her loved one to tell her his true feelings. What she does in detail is calling the boy she likes and pretend to be raped by several guys who fuck her pussy, mouth and ass. Once he comes to her house all exhausted from the running he sees what’s really going on and now the fun starts.

Well this beauty blonde bombshell planned everything very meticulous and it worked out perfectly for Aki.

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Pizza and Shoujuu [Hitagiri]

Pizza and Shoujuu [Hitagiri] prime hentai


-by Hitagiri

-22 pages, English translated

-19.66 MB






Watarai is definitely into more “corpulent” guys. That has been proven by this hentai manga with the very first pages of this artwork. He may be a little chubbier but he seems to be a really nice guy. He also seems shy and very insecure, but I think that these attributes make him more attractive for Watarai.

I think they are a really nice couple, with big differences in their life style and such, but at the end they may have a future.

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Princess Dragon [xter]

lewd Princess Dragon  with huge boobs


-by xter

-36 pages, English translated

-26.59 MB






Beera is one of those busty hentai girls who act shy at the beginning as if they are uncomfortable, but you can see in their eyes that they want the very same thing. Taking this big cook in her sexy pussy and her asshole she really does show some “team spirit”.

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