Ecstasy at 3 Seconds

Ecstasy at 3 Seconds primehentai


-by Sanagi Torajirou

-209 pages, English translated

-366.40 MB






Today I have again a special big package for you! Many of these stories have been translated before, but now finally all stories are fully translated and the result is nothing to sneeze at.

The main plot is about beautiful busty girls becoming sex addicts for guys with big dicks. Sounds familiar, right? 😀

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Asobare Dear Sex Friend

Asobare Dear Sex Friend primehentai


-by Sanagi Torajirou

-194 pages, English translated

-126.54 MB






I wanted to share this masterpiece a long time ago, but my upload speed would always interfere. However, today my speed is high enough to do the job.

Plot? Busty, busty, busty chicks! After reading this you will be dreaming for the next few nights only about boobs. I’m telling you from experience. ^^

Yes, there is a lot of NTR again in this one, but well that’s what hentai usually is about…

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Sailor Fuku to Onna Kyoushi

You & I Can Do Every Lovemaking Chapter 1-2  primehentai


-by NeWMeN

-49 pages, English translated

-33.60 MB






This is the first hentai manga I share by NeWMen and even though this feels somewhat messy it still has great features that would make every guy happy. From busty teacher, to gangbangs in different rooms. Definitely good fap material 😀

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A Class An Honor Student Needs

A Class An Honor Student Needs primehentai


-by Sasamori Tomoe

-20 pages, English translated

-16.03 MB






“Sensei… sensei, hurry up and undress! Please… your penis, let me lick your dick!”

On the first look you would say this girl needs to slow down, but on the other hand she is going to a female only school. If she wants a boyfriend herself then her options are limited. A good looking male tutor does come in handy at such a point.

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Suimitsu Shoujo 2-5 [Kahlua Suzuki]

Suimitsu Shoujo 2-5 [Kahlua Suzuki] primehentai


-by Kahlua Suzuki

-110 pages, English translated

-66.19 MB






A long story about old teacher who blackmails his beautiful young student and force her to have sex with him. With time her pussy adepts pretty well, but is her heart yet ready to leave her boyfriend?

Well you know that NTR (netorare) doesn’t have much to do with reality. ^^

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Nanako-san [Napata]

Nanako-san [Napata] primehentai


-by Napata

-16 pages, English translated

-17.27 MB






This work was tagged as “cheating” and I read through it but couldn’t find anything that would justify this tag, until I saw that nice wedding ring on the sexy female tutors finger. Now things started to make sense. But joke aside, what guy could resist such a bombshell? Very few could do this if I may say so…

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Abakareta Jokyoushi [Tokisana]

Abakareta Jokyoushi [Tokisana]  primehentai


-by Tokisana

-18 pages, English translated

-8.50 MB






Iwashiro forces her pupils to run day after day because of bad scores. Of course the guys all have a grudge against the beautiful teacher, however they don’t know what to do. One day they find a xxx anal hardcore movie where Iwashiro is playing the main role. They use this movie to blackmail the sexy female teacher.

What you will find out yourself once you watch this hentai manga, is that Iwashiro has a really strong anal fetish and the boys are using her weak point to the utmost.

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Die in Seven Years [Yuzuki N Dash]

Die in Seven Years [Yuzuki N Dash] primehentai


-by Yuzuki N Dash

-24 pages, English translated

-24.48 MB






Who would guess that Yuzuki n Dash works contain anal haha, but I love her style. She is definitely one of my favorite mangaka. Well lets get back to the story. Here we have a beautiful young teacher who just started to work at high school. Atsuya, a boy who she knows since he was still little entered the same high school where she is working. Atsuya was always very focused on Minori’s ass and that hasn’t changed until today.

In this hentai manga you will see several times a prank called “Kancho”. It’s a prank where you try to stick both index fingers  up someone’s ass. You should try it for sure!

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