Dagashi Kashi – Dagashi Chichi

Dagashi Kashi - Dagashi Chichi english hentai porn manga


-by Aoi Manabu

-13 pages, English translated

-29.48 MB






This is our second Dagashi Kashi hentai manga with beautiful and busty Hotaru Shidare. The whole story (of the Anime) revolves around games, puns and of course dagashi (sweets). Hotaru is trying to convince Kokonotsu (a young guy from a little village – also the main character of the show) to take over his dads sweets shop, however Kokonotsu rather wants to be a popular mangaka.

Well this specific hentai manga isn’t that much different from the real anime series. Except that you can see hot hardcore sex pictures in our free gallery 😉

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Summer Juice Chapter 1-2

Summer Juice Chapter 1-2 primehentai


-by Sena Youtarou

-40 pages, English translated

-25.04 MB






It’s summer and people are sweating like crazy so what do you do? Drink water? Go swimming? Or you just have sex and dehydrate even more. Yet, I’m sure this hot MILF had her fun and there is even more to come (no not that “come” lol).

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Natsu Jiru Chapter 1

Natsu Jiru Chapter 1 primehentai


-by Sena Youtarou

-20 pages, English translated

-14.37 MB






It’s a hot summer day and this good looking milf was “caught in the heat”. Like many woman in her age, she had no chance resisting a young man’s charm. Part 1 ends with some open questions. Let’s wait for the second chapter.

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Shochu Kaika [Lunch]

Free Hentai Manga, Adult Porn Shochu Kaika


-by TNC

-24 pages, English translated

-15.19 MB







Himawari is really practicing hard to get better at volleyball, but after the usual training she does sweat a lot and that makes her feel uncomfortable when seeing her boyfriend. Will Himawari be able to overcome herself and face Akira with the intense smell.

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