Transit Otometic Overdrive

Transit + Otometic Overdrive primehentai


-by Takano Yuki

-30 pages, English translated

-23.62 MB






This is one slutty older sister. Always making fun of her little virgin brother, but that was only part of her plan to make him a man (her man…). At the end the only way to make him fuck her was having sex with two studs right in front of him. That would heat him up, she thought and damn she was right!

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Yousei-san ni Onegai [Hanamaki Kaeru]

Yousei-san ni Onegai [Hanamaki Kaeru] primehentai


-by Hanamaki Kaeru

-16 pages, English translated

-14.02 MB






Out of nowhere Nayuta comes into the room and tells his older brother that he just became a girl for no reason?! What Nayuta didn’t know was that his older brother made a wish on the Jizz Fairy who did told him that whatever he wished for would come true. Still thinking he was dreaming he half jokingly wished for his smart ass little brother to turn into a little sister! Even that little Jizz Fairy was a little surprised…

I seriously doubt that any of these two expected this hentai story to end the way it did.

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Sleeping Sex Trance [Andou Hiroyuki]

Suikan Muchuu [Andou Hiroyuki]  primehentai


-by Andou Hiroyuki

-10 pages, English translated

-7.22 MB





A guy goes into his step sisters room to tell her that the dinner is up. However, she is sleeping really deep and she looks totally defenseless. At this point lets describe Hina a little bit. She is the type who comes back from the bath and falls asleep in nothing but a towel and all that in winter! Yeah, you could call Hina an airhead, but damn she is hot and that is exactly how her naughty step brother sees her.  He is not going to waste much time, rather he knows exactly what needs to be done.

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GG (League of Legends) [Friendly sky]

cat girl xxx anime GG (League of Legends) [Friendly sky]


-by Chun

-19 pages, English translated

-12.26 MB






“Since Garen had saved up for three days, he released three shots of Damacian justice into Lux’s womb. Lux’s womb continued shuddering and pulsating uncontrollably.
Lux excited pussy made her more sensitive than usual. The continuous stabbing from Garen caused her to nearly lose her mind. Lux continued calling out to her brother subconsciously. The bonds between the pair of siblings were further strengthened that night.”

Indeed a lovely Hentai 🙂

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