Azalea [Ootsuka Kotora]

Azalea primehentai


-by Ootsuka Kotora

-20 pages, English translated

-20.73 MB






Recently girls have been reading erotic books. Oh, but what’s in for them? Unlike guys, it’s not like it turns you on or anything, right? I’d figure you don’t need such material or the likeWell I do! With your manga, I get immensely aroused! I masturbate to your manga!

Now it’s pretty much clear why Sakura Mochizuki wanted to become his assistant so much.

Side Note: I did color the quote so it’s clear who says what (nothing too hard for me to satisfy my readers) 🙂

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Onee 30 [Bosshi]

busty chick breast sucking Onee 30 [Bosshi]


-by Bosshi

-22 pages, English translated

-15.62 MB






Even a drunken promise is still a promise and if you tell your workmate that you will have sex with him right after you awake the next morning then you should keep one’s word. Especially if you tell the poor guy to keep kneening all night long in front of you. You can try it at home, it’s not that easy ^^

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