Riko Fuck (To LOVE-Ru)

Riko Fuck (To LOVE-Ru) primehentai


-by Momonoki Fum

-17 pages, English translated







Riko -the female variant of Rito from To Love Ru Darkness is probably one of the most used characters for hentai gender bender. Well he has a feminine “touch” even as a boy, but once Lala’s invention turns him into a full girl then there is no holding back anymore.

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Trans Trouble (To Love-Ru)

Trans Trouble (To Love-Ru) primehentai


-by Momonoki Fum

-31 pages, English translated

-14 MB






Another of Lala’s inventions causes trouble to Rito. For those who don’t know Rito is the main character from “To Love Ru” and “To Love Ru Darkness”. I have read all manga chapters and am still reading the newest one. I can recommend it to anyone who likes manga.

Side Note: In the manga series Lala transforms Rito into a girl pretty often 😛

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