Game of Tradition [Ootsuki Wataru]

female demon xxx Game of Tradition


-by Ootsuki Wataru

-20 pages, English translated

-11.20 MB






Alto was chosen by the mirror to be the opponent for this hot demon girl. The war between demons and humans that happened long ago will now be decided by a fight of those two. At first you would say it’s an uneven match, but once Alto puts down his pants Aira is going to be very surprised.

Go humans, go humans! 🙂

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GG (League of Legends) [Friendly sky]

cat girl xxx anime GG (League of Legends) [Friendly sky]


-by Chun

-19 pages, English translated

-12.26 MB






“Since Garen had saved up for three days, he released three shots of Damacian justice into Lux’s womb. Lux’s womb continued shuddering and pulsating uncontrollably.
Lux excited pussy made her more sensitive than usual. The continuous stabbing from Garen caused her to nearly lose her mind. Lux continued calling out to her brother subconsciously. The bonds between the pair of siblings were further strengthened that night.”

Indeed a lovely Hentai 🙂

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