Anmitsu no Ippai Kosutte Ageru

Anmitsu no Ippai Kosutte Ageru Chapter 1 primehentai


-by Kotoyoshi Yumisuke

-21 pages, English translated

-19.48 MB






Anza! What is with that ridiculous attitude after you have the nerve of coming late to class?! Forgive me Kitano-sensei. Despite how I may act, I’m reflecting on my actions, but my stomach was just aching so badly this morning. I just had this unbearable tingling sensation in my stomach… However I’m prepared for my punishment and I will accept it without quarrel! So go on SPANK ME!”

Of course sensei did not have “the balls” to go that far even thought she showed him her naked ass cheeks covered just by her panties.

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Real Sex, Please!

Real Sex, Please!  primehentai


-by Saitom

-18 pages, English translated

-8.40 MB






How nice it would be to get a handjob from such a lovely and sexy girl. And those tits —> mmh mami 🙂

Maho is a very dominant girl. From a young age she already knew how to use the weapons of a woman. On the other hand Maho herself was very interested into sex. That is indeed a dangerous combination.

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After School Temptation

After School Temptation primehentai


-by Shijou Sadafumi

-20 pages, English translated

-14.24 MB






Lets assume your class rep is a cold beauty who is very strict when it comes to rules and the like. And you are being together with her in a situation where she finds out how a couple has sex in the music preparation room. You would expect that she will flip out and make a big ruckus about it. Yet, what if she reacts totally different? What if she gets really horny because of it and the most important question, is she in love or does she just want a dick?

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Anal Mai 5 (Kanon)

Anal Mai 5 (Kanon) primehentai


-by Namidame

-20 pages, English translated

-8.22 MB






“Suddenly one day I Aizawa Kouichi  received an email. The website of the URL written inside had pictures of a girl that looked liky my girlfriend Kawasumi Mai. But no, that can’t be right, so I thought. That girl is just some slut who happend to look a lot like Kawasumi Mai…
They called her Anal Slave Mai on the website. She received sexual training from a man that looked a lot like my gum teacher. Her shameless display of anal sex was uploaded all over the entire site. She had anal sex over and over again. Was that girl really Mai?”

Time to find out!

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Kallen’s Low Level Big Pinch (Code Geass)

Kallen’s Low Level Big Pinch (Code Geass) primehentai


-by Draw Go

-24 pages, English translated

-16.58 MB






“Don’t think it’s going to end like this! I will kill you, I’ll definitely kill you! Scary, scary but you know, being all tied up in a bunny girl cosplay is really putting a hinder on your persuasion power”

Kallen really got herself into some serious trouble this time. Will she be alright or will it just end like so many other doujinshi?

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My Sister’s Friend [locon]

My Sister's Friend [locon] primehentai


-by locon

-16 pages, English translated

-11.40 MB






You know it’s not said without a reason not to start something that you don’t want to finish. It is the same when trying to arouse a virgin boy and then trying to pretend as if nothing has happened. Even more if he was into that girl for a long time.

In this case I’m talking about the best friend of his older sister, who might need some experience herself in this particular matter.

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Char no Ero Hon (Infinite Stratos)

Char no Ero Hon (Infinite Stratos) primehentai


-by Menyoujan

-15 full color pages, English translated

-17.60 MB






Another full color Infinite Stratos masterpiece, this time from mangaka artist Menyoujan. Of course our two main stars are again Charlotte Dunois and Ichika Orimura. Plot starts pretty “hentai like”. Ichika comes into Charlotte’s room while she is undressing herself and that means trouble.

However, the punishment is very individual and I’m not even sure if it can be called punishment at all.

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Hexennacht (Witchcraft Works)

Hexennacht (Witchcraft Works) primehentai


-by Gemu555

-17 pages, English translated

-8.70 MB






“Kyaaa! Princess! Even how she walks is beautiful! The princess really is a hottie…”
Now imagine that you have an affair with exactly that beauty. From time to time she comes to you and tells you to be at the usual place. Yet, it’s not that easy to please a real princess.

Nice work done by the Kacchuu Musume group. They made an excellent hentai doujinshi from Witch Craft Works.

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Engi Musubi [Watanuki Ron]

hentai manga Engi Musubi [Watanuki Ron]


-by Watanuki Ron

-18 pages, English translated

-13.82 MB






There is this Uber beautiful girl in drama club that Atsushi fell in love with. So to be closer to her he joined the drama club as well and the months pass without anything happening. However, at some point Yunohana shows way more interest in him than he ever expected.

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