Naive Little Sister

Naive Little Sister primehentai


-by Fukumaaya

-20 pages, English translated

-25.67 MB






Girls would do everything for an official limited edition hug pillow of their idol. That said Tatesawa Hinako has bad spending habits, so she needs money or she can’t buy the expensive hug pillow. Since she asks for advances on her allowance too much she can’t ask her parents, so her only option is her older brother. Let’s say that their relationship isn’t the best…

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Loving a Robot Onahole – Returns

Loving a Robot Onahole - Returns primehentai


-by Fue

-28 pages, English translated

-20.24 MB






It’s really hard to categorize this hentai manga! Is it a hentai or a comedy manga 🙂

The 4th generation onahole (pretty much a full-fleshed woman) is jealous, because while she was away shopping for dinner, her master had fun with an onahole of the 2nd generation (it’s like a fleshlight). However, now that she is back it is time to prove who the number one toy for her master is!

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