One Piece Hentai Full Color – One Pii na Yoru VIP

One Piece Hentai - One Pii na Yoru VIP primehentai

-by Free Style

-47 full color pictures

-15.50 MB




Today I thought it was a good idea to share a One Piece Hentai artist cg instead of a hentai manga. Sure you have to read a little more but well stop being lazy ๐Ÿ˜›

Also the good thing with artist cg is that all pictures are HQ and in full color. Well unfortunately it’s not completely uncensored, but I think they did not overdo it with the censorship in the one piece hentai CG.

About the plot: Our main heroines are probably the biggest sluts in One Piece universe. Of course I’m talking about Nami and Robin from the Straw Hat Pirates crew. If you are a OP fan then you should know that Nami and Robin are “power women” and thus we will see some nice footjob and femdom hentai scenes. Well I don’t want to go too deep into the plot so that you can enjoy discovering it yourself ๐Ÿ˜‰

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One Piece – Change Round

One Piece - Change Round primehentai


-by Yamada Enako

-31 pages, English translated

-51.60 MB






Actually I think this is the first gender bender One Piece doujinshi that I have seen. It was just a question of time when somebody would take the part from the original where Nami and Sanji swapped bodies as a ย hentai source material.

Don’t expect too much hardcore action in this doujinshi, however you will see definitely some funny scenes. Though, I did hope that Law will get to screw Nami as well…

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One Piece – Nami no Ura Koukai Nisshi 8

One Piece - Nami no Ura Koukai Nisshi 8 primehentai


-by Murata.

-18 pages, English translated

-4.79 MB






Yes we are already at the 8 part of Nami no Ura Koukai Nisshi and weย  are happy about it ๐Ÿ˜‰ Like always Nami tries to earn some money and since she is lately too lazy to go outside and steal some from pirates, she nowadays rather offers her body for those “Berry” and it’s working splendid.

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One Piece – Shiawase Punch! 4

One Piece - Shiawase Punch! 4 primehentai


-by YU-RI

-35 pages, English translated

-24.31 MB







I have to admit that this is a pretty old one piece hentai manga (~10 years), but until recently I couldn’t find an English translation of this work. The translator said he wanted to start form the first part, but the scan quality was just too bad. Well for now I’m satisfied finding this “old timer”.

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One Piece – Mikisy Vol. 5

One Piece - Mikisy Vol. 5 primehentai


-by Suzuna Aruto

-34 pages, English translated

-8.03 MB






“T-Those breasts! Are you using fake breasts to hide some weapon in there!? Too bad. These are real.”

Funny thing aside Nami will be fucked really hard in this one (rape factor). If you are the vanilla hentai lover type then I would recommend to skip this one. You could still read the second part with Robin and Sanji, albeit it’s weird for Sanji not to want sex with Robin WTF?! LOL

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One Piece – Citrus Style Girlfriend

One Piece - Citrus Style Girlfriend primehentai


-by YU-RI

-25 pages, English translated

-13.84 MB






Robin: “Yes… I had quite the sex filled two years. Well, not just those two years…”
Nami: “Eeh? That’s our Robin…”
Franky: “Uwaaa! I wish I could have done it more!!”
Zoro: “Hey!! You three! Enough gossip already!”

Franky is awesome as ever, haha love him! While he worked on making his body into a strong weapon he also did some work “down there” too! He even added silicon balls and a vibration funtion! Sadly there is no Franky action in this hentai manga. Yet, Zoro gets to bang our lovely Nami again. ๐Ÿ˜€

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One Piece – NamiRobi 7

One Piece - NamiRobi 7 primehentai


-by Murata

-19 pages, English translated

-22.78 MB






Here we have a fresh hentai manga from Acid Head about Nami and Nico Robin from the strawhat pirates. The censorship is pretty transparent so this is a big plus and what I personally like about these two hot chicks, is that you can clearly see in their eyes that they want those big dicks in every of their holes. From their pussy and their ass, all up to their mouth pussy.

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