Trans Trouble (To Love-Ru)

Trans Trouble (To Love-Ru) primehentai


-by Momonoki Fum

-31 pages, English translated

-14 MB






Another of Lala’s inventions causes trouble to Rito. For those who don’t know Rito is the main character from “To Love Ru” and “To Love Ru Darkness”. I have read all manga chapters and am still reading the newest one. I can recommend it to anyone who likes manga.

Side Note: In the manga series Lala transforms Rito into a girl pretty often 😛

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One Piece – Mikisy Vol. 5

One Piece - Mikisy Vol. 5 primehentai


-by Suzuna Aruto

-34 pages, English translated

-8.03 MB






“T-Those breasts! Are you using fake breasts to hide some weapon in there!? Too bad. These are real.”

Funny thing aside Nami will be fucked really hard in this one (rape factor). If you are the vanilla hentai lover type then I would recommend to skip this one. You could still read the second part with Robin and Sanji, albeit it’s weird for Sanji not to want sex with Robin WTF?! LOL

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Sensei And The Secret Club Activity

Sensei And The Secret Club Activity primehentai


-by Yoshida

-18 pages, English translated

-11.19 MB






What a great female teacher we have here. She has not just a fine sense of humor, but she also has a very naughty side. She is also very open minded and doesn’t hesitate to help her students with their problems. Regardless what kind of nature those problems are.

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The Cuter He Is, The More I Want To Tease Him

The Cuter He Is, The More I Want To Tease Him primehentai


-by Fukuyama Naoto

-20 pages, English translated

-26 MB






Hard to say if this sister is just possessive, in love with her brother, or maybe even just a fucked up yandere lol. Just an example…

By the way are there any girls at karaoke? Yeah… Don’t go! You are cute, so you will be raped by them! That’s ridiculous! Your whole body belongs to me!”

This sister sure knows what she wants and judging from how most hentai manga are written she will get it 😉

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One Piece – Citrus Style Girlfriend

One Piece - Citrus Style Girlfriend primehentai


-by YU-RI

-25 pages, English translated

-13.84 MB






Robin: “Yes… I had quite the sex filled two years. Well, not just those two years…”
Nami: “Eeh? That’s our Robin…”
Franky: “Uwaaa! I wish I could have done it more!!”
Zoro: “Hey!! You three! Enough gossip already!”

Franky is awesome as ever, haha love him! While he worked on making his body into a strong weapon he also did some work “down there” too! He even added silicon balls and a vibration funtion! Sadly there is no Franky action in this hentai manga. Yet, Zoro gets to bang our lovely Nami again. 😀

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