Haha [Haruno Suzuki]

Haha [Haruno Suzuki] primehentai


-by Haruno Suzuki

-12 pages, English translated

-6.62 MB






This milf is a so called “Hikikomori”. That means that she doesn’t want to go outside anymore. Yet, she is extremely horny so the only solution for her is to have sex with her son who gladly accepts her as his new lover.

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Tousatsu Fuukei [Izayoi no Kiki]

Tousatsu Fuukei primehentai


-by Izayoi no Kiki

-16 pages, English translated

-7.66 MB






This girl has installed a hidden camera in her brother’s room. She was thinking about peeking her brother masturbating, but for some reason her mother was in his room too. And now the fun part begins. In her brother’s room both started undressing and the sister couldn’t believe her eyes what happened next. Indeed those two “lovers” started having sex not just in his room, but all over the place. In the kitchen, in the living room and even in the toilet.

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