Futa Patchy (Touhou Project)

Futa Patchy (Touhou Project) primehentai


-by Musashino Sekai

-24 pages, English translated

-29.38 MB






So people called for futa in the last Poll I created and here we have a very nice futanari hentai manga from Touhou Project. Yes, there is mind break and tentacles but that goes with futa from time to time.

Great job Patchouli Knowledge. Keep it up honey…

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One Piece – Hodhua

One Piece - Hodhua primehentai


-by Gujira

-22 full color pages, English translated

-4.79 MB






Captain Pandaman did what nobody was able to do before him. He caught “the thief” Nami and “the demon” Nico Robin from the strawhat crew. The one piece girls are now captives on the marine ship and it doesn’t seem that anybody will come to rescue them.

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Chikan Tousui [Massaratou]

Chikan Tousui [Massaratou] primehentai


-by Massaratou

-24 pages, English translated

-13.26 MB






This young hentai girl is what you would call “addicted to the pleasure”. She is one of the best students and is always referred as the good rich girl by her friends and teachers, however there is another side of Oonotori Reika that only a few people know. Most of these people who know her little secret are train molesters.

I liked this story a lot, not just because Reika is an Uber hot girl. Way more I liked the way she lost herself in pleasure.

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Ikaruga Ryouran Koujoku Emaki (Senran Kagura)

Ikaruga Ryouran Koujoku Emaki (Senran Kagura)  primehentai


-by Kanten

-20 pages, English translated

-38.78 MB






Ikaruga is really harsh with herself. If she fails a mission she demands a punishment, no matter who the punisher may be. Additionally Ikaruga is an anal freak and loves it when somebody is licking her asshole, but of course she would never admit that. However, slowly but steadily she is falling for that big dick.

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Shokuzai Expiation (Persona)

Shokuzai Expiation (Persona) primehentai


-by Shibuki

-21 pages, English translated

-23.70 MB






Mitsuru Kirijo seems to be in a bad position here. She is shackled in a room where she has to face her dark shadow. Actually she has to fear all those creatures who had a grudge against Kirijo and who are now manifested as shadows of exactly these people. The only way to repay for Kirijo’s sins is with her sexy body.

I know, I know it’s very often a similar scenario, but damn it’s still extremely pleasurable to watch this hot beauties being fucked hard.

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Abakareta Jokyoushi [Tokisana]

Abakareta Jokyoushi [Tokisana]  primehentai


-by Tokisana

-18 pages, English translated

-8.50 MB






Iwashiro forces her pupils to run day after day because of bad scores. Of course the guys all have a grudge against the beautiful teacher, however they don’t know what to do. One day they find a xxx anal hardcore movie where Iwashiro is playing the main role. They use this movie to blackmail the sexy female teacher.

What you will find out yourself once you watch this hentai manga, is that Iwashiro has a really strong anal fetish and the boys are using her weak point to the utmost.

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Erogun Chapter 1-3 [Akiyama Kenta]

Erogun Chapter 1-3 primehentai


-by Akiyama Kenta

-76 pages, English translated

-51.36 MB






Sarashina Naoto is the commander in chief of the Roshuu Army from the Great Feline Deity Empire. His nickname is Demon King and everyone is scared of him, even though he himself can’t explain why. Here is the situation he is in right now. Naoto did just invaded the neighboring country Veldia. Not for resources or the likes you would guess, but rather to add a beautiful hentai princess to his already big harem.

I actually didn’t believe that this one would be translated, so I’m a little surprised as well. Thanks goes to “Kusanyagi’s Translation Corner”. I hope you will do the other chapters as well.

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Mesu Note [Okada Masanao]

Mesu Note prime hentai


-by Okada Masanao

-24 pages, English translated

-28.76 MB






Ooshimaeda Ayu is the iconic front woman of the popular idol group ICBM 69 and she is a true sex symbol. Great tits, great body and a beautiful face. Of course all of these attributes make her a perfect target for many lunatic guys. They all want to have her. There is one special stalker I would point out for the very reason that he is able to mind break a girl just by touching her once! Imagine what kind of power you have with such an ability, but usually that never works without some kind of side effect.

Side note: Due to lack of time today I will post only one update. There will be more on Monday.

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