Sex shitai (Original) [Ketsukaseya]

Sex shitai (Original) prime hentai


-by Ryuu Mokunen

-23 pages, English translated

-26.69 MB






This hot hentai MILF wants to have sex no matter what. Even the fact that she just went shopping and is now on her way home doesn’t stop her wanton thoughts. That is what I call living your sexual dreams and lets be honest, how many of us can say the same.

On the other hand she may be simply a sex addict who needs professional help.

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Mesu Note [Okada Masanao]

Mesu Note prime hentai


-by Okada Masanao

-24 pages, English translated

-28.76 MB






Ooshimaeda Ayu is the iconic front woman of the popular idol group ICBM 69 and she is a true sex symbol. Great tits, great body and a beautiful face. Of course all of these attributes make her a perfect target for many lunatic guys. They all want to have her. There is one special stalker I would point out for the very reason that he is able to mind break a girl just by touching her once! Imagine what kind of power you have with such an ability, but usually that never works without some kind of side effect.

Side note: Due to lack of time today I will post only one update. There will be more on Monday.

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