ISHR (Infinite Stratos)

ISHR (Infinite Stratos) primehentai


-by Fukuyama Naoto

-32 pages, English translated

-25.97 MB






“Why are you all here too?! That’s what I wanted to ask as well… Ichika asked me to come. I was given these clothes to come here also! So does that mean we are all doing it together today?”

Bull’s eye! That’s exactly what Ichika is planning to do with the girls. The girls include:
Cecilia Alcott
Charlotte Dunois
Houki Shinonono
Laura Bodewig
Ling Yin Huang

That is going to be a lot of work 😉

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H’I,S (Infinite Stratos) [IRODORI]

group sex doujinshi H'I,S (Infinite Stratos) [IRODORI]



-22 pages, English translated

-11.44 MB






“Ichika san, spend the night with me! Have, have sexual activities with me!”

Hearing those sentences from Houki and Cecilia can’t be that bad at all. Still, Ichika seems yet undecided what to do so the girls have to put in more effort. Otherwise they won’t see any dick soon.

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