Leopard Hon 21 (Witch Craft Works)

Leopard Hon 21 (Witch Craft Works) primehentai


-by Leopard

-32 pages, English translated

-50.06 MB






Kagari is not just the most beautiful girl in the school who is known as a prodigy and happens to be a witch, NO she is also a very good friend who will suck your dick to reduce your stress level. What is also a pro with Kagari is that she will fulfill even your wildest sex fantasies.

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Hexennacht (Witchcraft Works)

Hexennacht (Witchcraft Works) primehentai


-by Gemu555

-17 pages, English translated

-8.70 MB






“Kyaaa! Princess! Even how she walks is beautiful! The princess really is a hottie…”
Now imagine that you have an affair with exactly that beauty. From time to time she comes to you and tells you to be at the usual place. Yet, it’s not that easy to please a real princess.

Nice work done by the Kacchuu Musume group. They made an excellent hentai doujinshi from Witch Craft Works.

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