Imouto Datte Yome ni Naritai!

Imouto Datte Yome ni Naritai! primehentai


-by Takano Yuki

-28 pages, English translated

-18.35 MB






“Aren’t you worried Kanoko-neechan? Oni-chan might be taken away by that “new sister” if we are not careful you know? I’m not worried because he will definitely take me as his bride. Well, Monaka as his fuck buddy, I think you should be worried.”

A typical talk between sisters? Not in RL, but hell yeah in hentai universe 😀

Side Note: This guy must be a real genius. Training one step sister only anal and the other one vaginal so that he can enjoy both ways of fucking!

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Sailor Fuku to Onna Kyoushi

You & I Can Do Every Lovemaking Chapter 1-2  primehentai


-by NeWMeN

-49 pages, English translated

-33.60 MB






This is the first hentai manga I share by NeWMen and even though this feels somewhat messy it still has great features that would make every guy happy. From busty teacher, to gangbangs in different rooms. Definitely good fap material 😀

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A Class An Honor Student Needs

A Class An Honor Student Needs primehentai


-by Sasamori Tomoe

-20 pages, English translated

-16.03 MB






“Sensei… sensei, hurry up and undress! Please… your penis, let me lick your dick!”

On the first look you would say this girl needs to slow down, but on the other hand she is going to a female only school. If she wants a boyfriend herself then her options are limited. A good looking male tutor does come in handy at such a point.

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Anmitsu no Ippai Kosutte Ageru

Anmitsu no Ippai Kosutte Ageru Chapter 1 primehentai


-by Kotoyoshi Yumisuke

-21 pages, English translated

-19.48 MB






Anza! What is with that ridiculous attitude after you have the nerve of coming late to class?! Forgive me Kitano-sensei. Despite how I may act, I’m reflecting on my actions, but my stomach was just aching so badly this morning. I just had this unbearable tingling sensation in my stomach… However I’m prepared for my punishment and I will accept it without quarrel! So go on SPANK ME!”

Of course sensei did not have “the balls” to go that far even thought she showed him her naked ass cheeks covered just by her panties.

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Magokoro Hold

Magokoro Hold primehentai


-by Kuro no Miki

-20 pages, English translated

-16.78 MB






Forgive me senpai. I might have been planning something after all. What the hell are you doing?! I’m a bad girl…”

Never underestimate a girl who is deeply in love.

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Kyouyuu Kagu

Kyouyuu Kagu primehentai


-by Ichiko

-20 pages, English translated

-27.68 MB






Kyouyuu Kagu is somewhat more for people with masochist fetish. Even thought the two girls are beautiful and at first glance they look like angels, once you know them better it turns out that they are true sadist.

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Melancholic Heart (ToHeart)

Melancholic Heart (ToHeart) primehentai


-by Hida Tatsuo

-22 pages, English translated

-14.53 MB






What a nice intro to a hentai manga (you will see what I mean ^^). Anyway this busty class rep wants to lose some weight, albeit she looks perfect right now but whatever. What is the best and most efficient method to burn calories? Exactly! Having sex all day long.

Side Note: Funny ending 😛

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