The never ending kiss (Tabezakari)

The never ending kiss (Tabezakari)  primehentai


-by Sugaishi

-20 pages, English translated

-20.28 MB






This girl doesn’t want to have only a carnal relationship so she gives her boyfriend the choice whether to have more than just sex or if he wants things to stay the way they are now then he can pack his bags and simply leave. His mind was clear now and he knew exactly what needed to be done: he needed to impregnate his cute girlfriend and make her into his beautiful waifu.

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Peach Butt Motion

Peach Butt Motion primehentai


-by Methonium

-22 pages, English translated

-10.33 MB






So it’s very hot outside and you want to do something with your hot girlfriend. How about going to a big wave pool? Sounds good, but what if your hot girlfriend doesn’t have a bathing suit? No problem at all, you just go and buy here the tightest bikini in the store and problem solved!

Some great anal action in the fitting room with the big butt girlfriend 😉

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Midsummer Game [Saitom]

Midsummer Game prime hentai manga


-by Saitom

-16 pages, English translated

-12.36 MB






Gamer chicks have their pro and cons. Pro is devinitely that you can play with them together and have a lot of fun. The bad side is that they don’t like to go out that much and rather stay at home playing games. This specific hentai girl sure is hotter than most gamer girls I do know (thought I don’t know that many :P).

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A School Where Love is Unnecessary Chapter 2 [Yasui Riosuke]

Unnecessary love


-by Yasui Riosuke

-20 pages, English translated

-10.98 MB






Like I did promise today I will present you the second part of this interesting hentai manga series. Exhibitionism, public sex and beautiful manga woman is what you can expect from this chapter. Still this is yet not the end of the story. I smell some netorare in the future.

A School Where Love is Unnecessary Chapter 1

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Sayonara Nene-san (Love Plus) [Secret Society M]

nene comes with good looking boy


-by Kitahara Aki

-24 pages, English translated

-28.49 MB






Nene has come to the point where she choose to do any embarrassing things just to dye her boyfriend in good sensation. Her issue is that she wants him to belong only to her and she recently felt that his interest in her is diminishing.

However, there isn’t much to be worried about him. He only loves her and he is also ready to start a family with her once the time comes.

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Studying With Tsuneaki [Teri Terio]

dark skin girl Studying With Tsuneaki [Teri Terio]


-by Teri Terio

-23 pages, English translated

-38.76 MB







Girls tend to enjoy their summer break way more than guys. At least it’s the case with these two lovers. She was out with her girls and had some fun at the beach while getting a nice suntan. On the other hand he was learning all the time for next years test. This dude definitely needs to take a break and start relaxing a little bit more. I’m sure this hot chick can be useful in this case.

Enjoy a great hentai with nice drawing style and a good sense of humor.

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