Hexennacht (Witchcraft Works)

Hexennacht (Witchcraft Works) primehentai


-by Gemu555

-17 pages, English translated

-8.70 MB






“Kyaaa! Princess! Even how she walks is beautiful! The princess really is a hottie…”
Now imagine that you have an affair with exactly that beauty. From time to time she comes to you and tells you to be at the usual place. Yet, it’s not that easy to please a real princess.

Nice work done by the Kacchuu Musume group. They made an excellent hentai doujinshi from Witch Craft Works.

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Harenchi Vacation (To LOVE-Ru)

Harenchi Vacation (To LOVE-Ru)  primehentai


-by Sugaishi

-29 pages, English translated

-27.30 MB






Another story from the Japanese manga series To Love Ru. The main actors in this hentai scene are Yui Kotegawa and Rito Yuuki. You can clearly feel the passion between these two lovers. At first they used a condom, but after a while they wanted to try raw sex as well. Isn’t that something new in hentai manga ^^

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Hot Jam Chapter 1-2

Hot Jam Chapter 1-2 primehentai


-by Tanabe

-12 full color pages, English translated

-15.05 MB






What do you do if your girlfriend suddenly caught a cold? Of course the very first thing you are going to do is to put a suppository up her ass and to make sure that it works fine you are going to fuck her ass really hard. I wouldn’t recommend to do this with your real girlfriend, or you might be in trouble.

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Haha [Haruno Suzuki]

Haha [Haruno Suzuki] primehentai


-by Haruno Suzuki

-12 pages, English translated

-6.62 MB






This milf is a so called “Hikikomori”. That means that she doesn’t want to go outside anymore. Yet, she is extremely horny so the only solution for her is to have sex with her son who gladly accepts her as his new lover.

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Ero Hon 3 (Highschool DxD)

Ero Hon 3 (Highschool DxD) primehentai


-by Billion

-21 pages, English translated

-66.81 MB






“Akeno-san, sorry for having you suck me off so suddenly again today. Don’t worry about it, Issei-kun. I was thinking about sucking your “dragon essence”.

OMG how hilarious is this intro. I mean dragon essence, like for real 🙂
Believe me the beginning sequence isn’t the only good thing in this hentai manga. BTW I had to downsize the resolution for the online images. If you want full resolution I would recommend you to download the file.

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Mermaid [Nanao]

sexy hentai mermaid primehentai


-by Nanao

-8 full color pages, English translated

-5.28 MB






“It truly was a fairy tale world. Leaving trails of glittering golden threads, she danced freely in the water. Gazing at her figure as she went ashore only further convinced me of the magic… Of her being a golden mermaid princess”

Just reading this should actually give you a hard on haha, but if that doesn’t work try out the pictures ;).

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