Tou Juku Third (Dragon Quest IV) [Motsu Ryouri]

Tou Juku Third (Dragon Quest IV) prime hentai


-by Motsu

-18 pages, English translated

-16.31 MB






If you like it a little bit more “dirty” than this is the perfect doujinshi for you. I’m talking here about a very naughty Manya from Dragon Quest IV who seems to be in a midlife crisis. This dark skin beauty really thinks she is too old to make money as a dancer, so now she also performs as a “Pafu-Pafu” girl. In a direct translation that Pafu means female cock slave, at least that’s the way I would interpret it.

Side note: Don’t be surprised about unshaven armpits and I’m not talking about the guys…

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Lovestruck in Monbarbara (Dragon Quest IV) [An-Arc]

Lovestruck in Monbarbara (Dragon Quest IV) prime hentai


-by Hamo

-15 full color pages, English translated

-18.77 MB






Not much of a story here, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t enough action for this premium full color hentai manga from Dragon Quest IV. It’s time for Maya’s special show. What you need for it is a couple of horny guys and a very lewd girl who is ready to take some big cock insider her wet pussy. Being the fact that this doujinshi is in full color makes it only more desirable.

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