The sea, you, and the sun Chapter 1-2

The sea, you, and the sun primehentai


-by Mira

-59 pages, English translated

-42.74 MB






It’s time for another Yuri adventure. Very deep story, yes it has also sex scenes but I wouldn’t say it’s the main core of this yuri hentai. To sum things up, girls are girls no matter if they have a boyfriend or a girlfriend they just never know what they truly want 🙂

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Delightfully Fuckable And Unrefined Bonus

Delightfully Fuckable And Unrefined Bonus primehentai


-by Butcha-U

-27 pages, English translated

-57.14 MB






Genius coloring by Butch-U. This style if so unique that I actually see it for the first time done this well. Some people have experimented with it, but in most cases it never went well.
Side Note: Remember these girls are from Pooters not from Hooters so don’t try this in RL … 😀

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One Piece – The Undefeated Woman

One Piece - The Undefeated Woman primehentai


-by Minpei Ichigo

-21 pages, English translated

-17.64 MB






Unlike the original manga, in this hentai version Rebecca from One Piece is not going to be saved. Rather she will be humiliated by dozens of strong gladiators who have proved themselves in the arena.

Well, it’s the typical Dashigara 100% story so don’t expect any kind of happy ending here. If you read the original doujinshi from Oda Eiichiro and additionally you are not into this kind of fetish I would recommend you to skip this one. Though the artwork is awesome as ever…

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My Next door Neighbor Anette-san

My Next door Neighbor Anette-san primehentai


-by Aoi Nagisa

-36 full color pages, English translated

-33.18 MB






There are two kinds of woman who can’t say No. The first type are the sluts who can’t get enough sex even if they would be fucked by 3 guys at the same time. The other type are the shy and naive girls who say yes just so they don’t need to confront somebody. If you want to find out which type this hot beauty is, you better start reading 🙂

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Shiro Kuro Jima GOLD (DEAD or ALIVE)

Shiro Kuro Jima GOLD (DEAD or ALIVE) primehentai


-by Midoh Tsukasa

-15 pages, English translated

-31.81 MB






Dead or Alive is back with full color futa pictures! The (futa) girls are having fun at the beach. They are playing volleyball, drinking beer and of course helping each other to put on some oil on their sexy bodies.

Doesn’t that sound like something? I do think so.

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Hadaka no Makyou [Mifune Seijirou]

Hadaka no Makyou [Mifune Seijirou] primehentai


-by Mifune Seijirou

-20 pages, English translated

-8.81 MB






The Sopatika tribe who is separated from modern civilization has agreed to show a Japanese reporter crew how they live their lives. What the busty reporter Yuuki Elena didn’t know was that the whole tribe had their eyes on the beautiful young lady and so another fancy hentai story begins 🙂

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Tou Juku Third (Dragon Quest IV) [Motsu Ryouri]

Tou Juku Third (Dragon Quest IV) prime hentai


-by Motsu

-18 pages, English translated

-16.31 MB






If you like it a little bit more “dirty” than this is the perfect doujinshi for you. I’m talking here about a very naughty Manya from Dragon Quest IV who seems to be in a midlife crisis. This dark skin beauty really thinks she is too old to make money as a dancer, so now she also performs as a “Pafu-Pafu” girl. In a direct translation that Pafu means female cock slave, at least that’s the way I would interpret it.

Side note: Don’t be surprised about unshaven armpits and I’m not talking about the guys…

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Lovestruck in Monbarbara (Dragon Quest IV) [An-Arc]

Lovestruck in Monbarbara (Dragon Quest IV) prime hentai


-by Hamo

-15 full color pages, English translated

-18.77 MB






Not much of a story here, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t enough action for this premium full color hentai manga from Dragon Quest IV. It’s time for Maya’s special show. What you need for it is a couple of horny guys and a very lewd girl who is ready to take some big cock insider her wet pussy. Being the fact that this doujinshi is in full color makes it only more desirable.

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