Oideyo! Mizuryu Kei Land the 1st Day

Oideyo! Mizuryu Kei Land the 1st Day primehentai


-by Mizuryu Kei

-40 pages, English translated

-69.68 MB






Mizuryu Kei land is an all-weather themepark enclosed by a giant retractable dome, allowing temperature management all year round.

In a park with so much close physical contact, sexual activity and intense exercise going on, the temperature is set to below what one would normally find comfortable. This also causes guest to start feeling cold if they aren’t doing anything, encouraging them to seek out and join with others to share their body heat.

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Mother Sister Fucking Lineage Chapter 1-2

Mother Sister Fucking Lineage Chapter 1-2  primehentai


-by Kai Hiroyuki

-25 pages, English translated

-12.31 MB






“Aoi-nee is really very pretty and usually she is a typical university student, but… her hobby is cosplay, so she makes her own costumes and attends events wearing them. But it exposes a little too much so… I can’t wear this at an event. My panties are totally on display. What did you make it for? To have sex with you in, of course!”

Hope that more will be translated soon. Until then have fun with this little hentai masterpiece.

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Sheltered Couple [Sian]

Sheltered Couple [Sian] primehentai


-by Sian

-18 pages, English translated

-19.35 MB






OMG this maid is so mean haha. I mean giving an absolute inexperienced married couple a dog cosplay sex book to prepare them for their first time is cruel and hilarious at the same time.

Well as long as the master is pleased and they get a child everything will be alright …

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Tsuyo Kosu Advanced (Gantz)

Tsuyo Kosu Advanced primehentai


-by Pierre Yoshio

-16 pages, English translated

-13.73 MB






“Starting today, you are going to be my boyfriend… You are going to take responsibility for doing something like that to another person.”

When you hear this from the girl that you just banged several times, then you either did really good, or you screwed up – all depending what your actual goal with this girl was ^^

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Unfair x Poolside Fun [Kamino Ryu-ya]

Unfair x Poolside Fun primehentai


-by Kamino Ryu-ya

-20 pages, English translated

-17.77 MB






This busty girl is pissed, because all her friends went out together with their boyfriends while her boyfriend has to work part time and barely has time for outside activities. Yet, he manages somehow to get a free day on Sunday but here we have our next problem right away. The girl feels embarrassed for how she looks in her bikini and therefor she covered herself up.

Of course it was the guys duty to cheer her up and show her how beautiful her body actually is.

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Shimakaze Atago-chan Were You (Kantai Collection)

Shimakaze Atago-chan Were You (Kantai Collection) primehentai


-by Mozuya Murasaki

-20 pages, English translated

-35.13 MB






“Now that the admiral is away… No one will see me if I do it in here. Oh my, it’s so cute! It’s a little tight in the chest area…hm?”
Well my smart Atago. If you have such huge breast and you want to fit them in such a tight custom you better think about something, otherwise it won’t work that easily. Maybe the admiral can help you out Atago.

P.S. There is no way this beautiful woman needs to go on a diet! Stupid admiral 😛

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Boku no Yayoi-san Chapter 2 [Tsukino Jyogi]

Boku no Yayoi-san Chapter 2 prime hentai xxx


-by Tsukino Jyogi

-26 pages, English translated

-16.01 MB






This is the second part of the love story between Hiro and Yayoi. By now they have a healthy sex life and you can really feel the chemistry between those two. To spice up their erotic life Yayoi is even doing cosplay for her lover. Well yes she is a nurse, but that doesn’t mean that you usually wear that outfit every time you make love with your boyfriend. Or maybe I’m just too much old school 🙂

What stands out in chapter two is that all the femdom is pretty much gone, which is a clear indicator that Hiro gained a lot of self confidence and now he is the man in charge.

Boku no Yayoi-san Chapter 1

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