Extra Milk (Dragon Ball Z)

chi chi bulma xxx dragon ball comic primehentai


-by Kaputo99

-36 full color pages, English translated

-18.12 MB






It has been a long time since I posted a dragon ball bulma hentai manga, but lately there aren’t many new doujinshi related to this topic and there are even less translated into English. The story has several parts, starting with Chi Chi wearing a bikini in front of Son Goten who gets aroused more than he should. Next we see Chi Chi and Bulma in a nightclub followed by a hot yuri scene between these two. Last but not least Son Gohan joins those two MILFs and they enjoy a nice threesome together. This is probably the best dragon ball hentai that we have ever shared on prime hentai.

I heard that Kaputo99 might continue “Extra Milk”, but for now I hope you are pleased with this masterpiece.

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Shiro Kuro Jima GOLD (DEAD or ALIVE)

Shiro Kuro Jima GOLD (DEAD or ALIVE) primehentai


-by Midoh Tsukasa

-15 pages, English translated

-31.81 MB






Dead or Alive is back with full color futa pictures! The (futa) girls are having fun at the beach. They are playing volleyball, drinking beer and of course helping each other to put on some oil on their sexy bodies.

Doesn’t that sound like something? I do think so.

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Unfair x Poolside Fun [Kamino Ryu-ya]

Unfair x Poolside Fun primehentai


-by Kamino Ryu-ya

-20 pages, English translated

-17.77 MB






This busty girl is pissed, because all her friends went out together with their boyfriends while her boyfriend has to work part time and barely has time for outside activities. Yet, he manages somehow to get a free day on Sunday but here we have our next problem right away. The girl feels embarrassed for how she looks in her bikini and therefor she covered herself up.

Of course it was the guys duty to cheer her up and show her how beautiful her body actually is.

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Tatoeba Haha ga Natsuyasumi [Tsuyatsuya]

Tatoeba Haha ga Natsuyasumi [Tsuyatsuya] primehentai


-by Tsuya Tsuya

-20 pages, English translated

-9.28 MB






This one is a typical Tsuya mother son incest hentai manga. Like you can guess he is a huge fan of MILFs and that’s obviously the reason why he draws them the most. His style is one of a kind and the woman are very attractive, yet they are no size zero ban.

What else? We have beach, bath, hot swimsuits and very nice hentai sex scenes. Enjoy!

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Swimsuit Valkyria (Valkyria Chronicles)

Swimsuit Valkyria (Valkyria Chronicles) primehentai


-by Popuran

-23 pages, English translated

-18.11 MB






On the battlefield Selvaria Bles is a true destroyer. Whatever comes in her way she will fight it and all that while wearing a freaking sexy swimsuit! However, in front of her commander she seems just like a mere sex slave. So of course as a reward she doesn’t get medals and stuff, but rather she is allowed to play with her masters dick for a while before going to the next battle.

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Mermaid [Nanao]

sexy hentai mermaid primehentai


-by Nanao

-8 full color pages, English translated

-5.28 MB






“It truly was a fairy tale world. Leaving trails of glittering golden threads, she danced freely in the water. Gazing at her figure as she went ashore only further convinced me of the magic… Of her being a golden mermaid princess”

Just reading this should actually give you a hard on haha, but if that doesn’t work try out the pictures ;).

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