In One Step [uncensored]

 In One Step [uncensored] hentaimangaly

-by Tohgarashi Hideyu

-25 pages

If you are a big manga and anime fan then I’m sure you have seen a three leg school race before. It usually ends up with somebody falling and the rest of the school laughing. Well for this hmanga there will be a slightly different plot. Instead of laugh you will see a huge erection and a hot blonde who is supposed to calm down that erect state.

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Morri-Con (Darkstalkers)

Morri-Con (Darkstalkers) hentaimangaly

-by Murasaki Nyaa

-20 pages

It has been a while since we shared a demon girl & tentacle doujinshi, so I’m pleased to tell all lovers of this fetish that today we have a big surprise for you. Yes, I’m talking about the legendary Darkstalker series.

Don’t expect too much of a plot, but you can look forward to tons of hardcore tentacles xxx action.

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Jitsu wa Mannen Hatsujouki na Tokutaisei no XXX na Nichijou (Gakusen Toshi Asterisk)

Jitsu wa Mannen Hatsujouki na Tokutaisei no XXX na Nichijou hentaimangaly

-by Dressing plus party

-20 pages

Nice little full color ‘Gakusen Toshi Asterisk’ doujinshi. The artwork isn’t yet fully completed, still I wanted to show you what the translators already achieved. Claudia Enfield and Julis-alexia von Riessfeld are really showing off their sex skills today!

“Ara~ My hands woke up your little guy this much… it’s suddenly become quite excited, ne~. This naughty-naughty erect cock should be punished and so I’ll be wringing out a lot of semen from you right now! Please come a lot. Rather than going limp your little cock is far more excited than before. I can understand from feeling how it’s going all piku-piku inside of my breasts. If it’s that excited to see me I’m really happy about it. Please let our your cum, ne”

This girl knows her dirty talk lines!

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Ryuuko no Susume (Kill la Kill)

Ryuuko no Susume (Kill la Kill) hentaimangaly

-by Haruki Genia

-22 pages

I recently rewatched all the Kill La Kill anime episodes so I was in the mood to share some hentai including gorgeous Ryuuko Matoi and her friends. Regarding the plot for this one, let’s read a little part of the story:

“When you were on the battlefield with that appearance with such a high level of exposure, you were overly affected by your sense of shame. In a battle, that puts you in a disadvantage. For the sake of getting used to that shameless look, don’t you think that if you got rid of your virginity here, you’d be able to fight more freely?”

You could also look a it this way. Aikuro was horny and wanted to bang Ryuuko!

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