Oshikko de Tsunagatte [Takashiro Go-ya]

English Adult Hentai Oshikko de Tsunagatte [Takashiro Go-ya]


-by Takashiro Go-Ya

-38 pages, English translated

-16.27 MB






” No one has ever touched president Aidera’s skirt and lived to tell the tale. Her impregnable skirt has come to be called things like The Berlin Wall and Alcatraz Prison ”
Could it be that she might be hiding something beneath it.

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2 thoughts on “Oshikko de Tsunagatte [Takashiro Go-ya]

    • You are totally right, the female president is always the slut in these kinds of hentai manga. However, I have no clear idea what’s the source of this characteristics. I guess it’s more fun to see a person in charge get screwed.

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