One Piece – Citrus Style Girlfriend

One Piece - Citrus Style Girlfriend primehentai


-by YU-RI

-25 pages, English translated

-13.84 MB






Robin: “Yes… I had quite the sex filled two years. Well, not just those two years…”
Nami: “Eeh? That’s our Robin…”
Franky: “Uwaaa! I wish I could have done it more!!”
Zoro: “Hey!! You three! Enough gossip already!”

Franky is awesome as ever, haha love him! While he worked on making his body into a strong weapon he also did some work “down there” too! He even added silicon balls and a vibration funtion! Sadly there is no Franky action in this hentai manga. Yet, Zoro gets to bang our lovely Nami again. 😀

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