Love Beat [Kaida Bola]

Free Hentai Manga, English Adult Porn Love Beat [Kaida Bola]


-by Kaida Bola

-16 pages, English translated

-17.67 MB







For every guy in this world there is a limit of how much teasing he can take from a juicy girl. This dude’s bandleader has pushed him over the edge with all her naughty acting and now she has to pay the prize.

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One thought on “Love Beat [Kaida Bola]

  1. With response to Oliver’s cotmmnes, I’m gonna go with only about 1/100th of what we read actually happens haha, I’ve only read one work by Kaida Bora but I already love him, great art, vanilla stories is enough to win me over but the heroines are so damn fine, I really dig the one in this release, love her outfit with a guiar in her arms, even if she can’t play it’s enough to win me. So with that, big thank you to FUKE for the TL and Conan for the editing, two awesome gentlemen!

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