Suck N’ Fuck Love Nest (FateGrand Order)

Suck N' Fuck Love Nest (FateGrand Order) hentaimangaly

-by Poccora

-20 pages

Scheherazade from “Fate/Grand Order” was summoned by Gudao. He didn’t summon her because she was the “caster of the sleepless city”, no that was not the reason. The thing is that Scheherazade isn’t just knowledgeable of modern affairs, she has some other talents as well. What talent? Well she works as an adult video actress. Now we are talking!

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Futsukano wa Wotakare no Megane o Toru. (Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata)

Futsukano wa Wotakare no Megane o Toru hentaimangaly

-by Fujishima Sei1go

-24 pages

“Recently, I got a boyfriend… He is an otaku from my school. His name is Tomoya Aki. Altough nobody scorns our relationship, it is generally thought that no girl, would want to date an otaku like him. A disgusting otaku, who offered his own heart and body to 2D girls. HOWEVER, I recently realized that he’s actually not that different from a normal guy. I thought that someone like him is only fond of 2D girls, but it seems like he doesn’t really dislike real girls either.”

The conclusion here is, that even a hardcore otaku can’t resist a beautiful & busty 3D girl 😀

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Jukujoshikousei I

Jukujoshikousei I hentaimangaly

-by Etuzan Jakusui

-24 pages


“As a general rule… Mature women and high school girls are entirely different from each other. Of course, they are. But still, that’s not applicable to “Jun Tsuyano”. She is… what you may call a ‘mature high school girl’.”

If you are into tall hentai girls, then you will love this 18+ Doujinshi!

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