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My name is John A. and I’m a 19 year old student who still lives with his parents. My mom and dad have a shop that sells antiques downtown. They are very busy with their work so I stay alone at home quite often. Of course that has a lot of positive side effects as well. You can run all naked through your own house and fap in which every room you want …

It was a Tuesday when my dad told me that he and mom will go on a trip for a week. As soon as i heard him saying that there have been hundreds of pervert ideas run through my head. Imagine what I could be doing with so much freedom! It literally gave me goosebumps.

The next day I wished my parents a nice trip and saw them driving away. Right after that I gave my girlfriend Sarah a call and told her to meet me at the mall, because I have something important to tell her. Sarah had no clue what was going on, but she agreed to see me at the appointed place.

Let me first describe Sarah so you have an image of her. She is one year younger than me, has medium-long dark blue hair and bright green eyes. My girlfriend has long beautiful legs and nice C cup breasts. Her smile is that of an angel, at least for me as her boyfriend.

Well, here we are now at the mall waiting for my girlfriend to tell her the great news. After some time sitting there on a bench I saw somebody greeting me from the distance with a big smile on her face. It was Sarah.

As soon as she came close enough to me my girlfriend gave me an open mouth kiss and sat next to me waiting to tell her what I was so hyped about. I initially took her hand and asked her.

John:” Guess who has a free house for the next seven days? “

Sarah:” OMG, don’t tell me your parents left you all alone in that big house! “

I nodded.

At first Sarah seemed speechless not knowing what to say. Probably she had as many thoughts running through her had as I had when I heard the fabulous news. After few seconds of absolute silence she looked at me and asked with a sexy glare in her face.

Sarah:” What the hell are we still doing here? Lets get to your place! “

I was surprised, but at the same time happy about her positive reaction. We bought some additional food and snacks, as well as some soda. Then we got in my car and drove to my house.

Don’t get me wrong we had sex before, but this was the first time for us as a young couple to have a whole house for ourselves. So of course we were somewhat excited and aroused at the same time.

Once we got inside my place Sarah told me that she wants to shower first. That was a good opportunity for me to bring in the food and drinks. After I finished my job as the packhorse ^^ I sat on the couch and switched on the TV.

Until now 20 minutes have passed since Sarah took a shower and I was started to get impatient, but man the waiting had paid off. There she was standing at the entrance of the living room with nothing on except a towel.

She was slowly walking towards me, but still wearing the dark blue towel that was covering the most beautiful of her female parts. Sarah took the remote control out of my hands and switched off the TV.

Sarah:” Baby, don’t you think I’m enough to entertain you? “

With my wide open jaw I somehow managed to answer her

John:” Sss…ure you are honey! “

Here we are. My marvelous looking girlfriend in front of me with a bare towel covering here smooth skin and her attractive intimate zone. Since Sarah seemed to be in a good mood I let her to have the initiative. She always was open minded when it comes down to straight femdom. I would definitely say that Sarah was the nice girl next door when we are with other people, but once we are alone she easily turns into a dominant female who exactly knows what has to be done.

Without any kind of wasting time Sarah went on her knees and started working my pants with her right hand. She was unzipping me, while her left hand didn’t let go of my already half hardened dick who was still covered by the jeans I was wearing.

Once Sarah had my cock outside I could see the anticipation in her eyes to take this big meat in front of her to the deepest parts of her throat.                                                        Watching it throbbing just a few inches away of her beautiful face she started licking her lips with such passion I have never seen before!

By now the towel was removed and I had the best view in a long time. Her tits looked so smooth and juicy that I simply had to touch them, but Sarah didn’t allow me saying that I will get my chance to suck on those big boobs later.

Next she used her hands to gently stroke my revealed dick. Oh, this was feeling so freaking awesome. Slowly Sarah kept stroking this big cock right in front of her and at the same time moving her head a little closer.

With the tip of her tongue she now touched my full erect dick. Soon my cock was already half in her warm and pleasing mouth. Inch by inch Sarah took more of it not letting her eyes of mine. Such an intense glare who pretty much was supposed to say:” Fuck my mouth pussy as hard as you wish and let me become your bitch forever. “

Just few moments later I had my cock all the way inside her mouth. I grabbed her head with my hands and started pumping my dick fast into her throat.                                      You could see by the look of her face that Sarah was enjoying to take every inch of this by now metal hard dick inside her mouth pussy. Sarah’s hands had literally no contact with my body anymore and we were connected just with my cock and the deepest parts of her throat. Does that mean her hands aren’t doing anything at all? Sure not, because all the time since she had my cock inside her she was rubbing her clit very powerful.

After about 3 minutes of fucking her mouth pussy as hard and fast as I could I felt an orgasm start to build.

John:” Honey, I’m about to come soon! “

Sarah just softly nodded. That way she was telling me to let it all out inside her mouth and so I did a few seconds later. I was groaning with great pleasure while my thick semen was running straight into her belly. She made sure that not one bit of the warm baby juice was going out of her mouth pussy.

As she swallowed the last drop she took my half erected cock out of her mouth.

Sarah:” Mmmh, that was delicious baby. I nearly came just by swallowing your awesome tasting baby juice. “

John:” I’m glad you liked it. Can you please clean my cock now Honey? “

She stared at me with a weird look and replied

Sarah:” Am I your bitch?! “

I was kind of confused and not sure what to answer, so I said the first thing that was going through my mind.

John:” You sure are my bitch! “

She didn’t react at all once I said that and I was scared that I somehow insulted her, but soon Sarah started laughing hard and telling me at the same time while she was cleaning my dick.

Sarah:” Of course I’m forever your bitch, dear. “



To Be Continued?


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  1. nice to know that there is some read only content,kinda like how they used to make manga.if you don’t know,you don’t know your history as moe.

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